About Judith

Judith has worn zebra-print shoes into a courtroom, represented transsexuals, bikers, alleged murderers and rapists, and raised four children on her own. Once a battered wife who struggled to feed her family, she is now one of Western Australia’s best known criminal lawyers and ‘Partner in Crime’ with an ex-Detective Superintendent.  

She is also an expert in forensic science, an internationally known jury researcher and a successful author.

Judith has been honoured to serve as an Australia Day Ambassador, been awarded a life membership of Angelhands (a support organisation for secondary victims of homicide), her law practice was a 2015 state winner in the Telstra Business Awards and she was a judge in the same awards in 2017.

Judith has carried out several research projects on juries, including a study of juror intimidation at the WA Attorney General’s personal request. She had permission for almost unprecedented access to jurors for post trial interviews.

Her bold approach to life and law is inspiring, and her stories about the world of crime and justice told in her book ‘Life, Law and Not Enough Shoes’ are captivating.

Judith is also a much in demand speaker with a range of fascinating, motivational and entertaining presentations.

Judith is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Find out more or make a booking for your next event.

Find out more about the book ‘Life, Law & Not Enough Shoes’ and order your copy today.

Judith is one of WA’s best known criminal lawyers with a career spanning more than 30 years.

"Judith is incredibly inspirational, motivational, humorous and personable. We were honoured to have her share her journey with us at our Women of Vision Luncheon.”
Lee Lawrence
Executive Officer, South Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce